About us

EVATOS arose from MedServices GmbH, which has been active in the medical devices business since 2008, and has held the worldwide exclusive distribution rights for Phlebolyser® since 2011. The Phlebolyser® is a certified medical device, which we only entrust experts with – meaning doctors and alternative practitioners.
For us, the key to success is in the quality of our products and their ease-of-use. We certify our customers to carry out Phlebolyser treatment by providing them individual product training courses. As a result, we have been performing an ongoing user trial in cooperation with our customers since 2011, the results of which will contribute to the manufacturer’s research and development.
We see ourselves as the partner of our customers, and are therefore making a concerted effort to expand our customer service area. The following areas should also soon be available to you here:

  1. Information for practices and patient information leaflets that are available to download or order,
  2. Video material for the TV in your practice,
  3. An online shop for consumables, spare parts and updates for your Phlebolyser®.

You can arrange further training, for instance, if there are changes in personnel, or do this with us directly.
Let us welcome you into our new showroom, right in the heart of Leipzig, sandwiched between high culture and street culture, where you’ll be able to see and be convinced by benefits of our products for yourself or be won over by a presentation and even trying them out.

Close cooperation with the manufacturer means that you can also expect new ranges of products, all fully in line with the aesthetics of success.

If you are interested in our products, sales, collaboration or working together, please get in touch.